Home Help Companions are here to provide you with trusted and affordable live in companions, so you're not lonely and you can stay in your own home for longer.

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We offer three types of companionship:  All companions live rent-free in the house and are paid £90 - £850 per week, depending on hours, requirements, skills and experience. 


Self-Employed Rota Companions are experienced, high-calibre carers who work on a 2-3 week rota with one or two of our other companions. They are self-employed but will usually go back to the same client for each rota. Average salary £700 per week (gross). The companion takes care of her own taxes. 

Permanent Full-Time Companions work full-time for just one client who they live with permanently, as part of the family.  They get 1-2 days off each week + 28 days paid holiday and can keep all their possessions in the house all year round. Average salary £650 per week (gross). The client/employer will take care of taxes and all expenses. Becoming a permanent companion gives people a new start in a new home, usually in a new part of the country they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to live in.


Part-Time Companions live for free with their client but only work 25 hours a week. They are often nurses, teachers or young professionals.  Some are already carers and some are mature mothers or housewives who are looking for an opportunity to start again in a new area after their own children have left home, or after a bereavement or divorce. They only work in the home for 4-5 hours a day on average, often at the beginning and the end of the day, so they have plenty of time to work in another job or study during the day. 

You can earn more money with us: Home Help Companions will enable you to work directly for your host, which is much more personal than working for an agency. We do not charge any agency fees for our companions.


We attract some of the best elderly homes to live in, as we offer our hosts the best companions in the UK, as well as the benefits of not charging weekly fees or commission.  

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Live in care for clients throughout the UK

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