You can save money with Home Help Companions:
Hosts have less cost and more control. We do not employ companions directly or take a percentage of their wages.
Companions get paid to live for free... with meals included.

Save money


For our hosts:
  • We do not charge management or care agency fees or commission or hidden extras

  • We charge just one, one-off set-up fee if you decide to go ahead (£180.00) and then you can choose between a daily administration fee of £23 per day for self-employed carers on 2-3 week rota or a one-off introduction fee for a single employee (4 x weekly salary)

  • We make it easy for you. We will provide all the information you should need to get started: terms and conditions, duties, guides etc

  • Did you know you may be entitled to £58 per week (approx) back from HMRC? Ask us for more information

  • We differ from most other agencies as we do not employ companions directly or take a percentage of their wages. With our help, support and guidance, you hire or employ your companion directly. It’s very easy - and the benefits to you speak for themselves.

For our companions:
  • We do not charge any agency fees or commission

  • You can live rent free, with no bills and your meals, days off and holidays paid for (for full-time companions only)

  • If you own your own home, you can rent it out and earn money from the rent too

  • Part-time companions can have another job and earn more money as well

  • Companions on a rota can be self-employed and choose 2 or 3 week rotas


Benefits of hiring / employing your companion directly
  • It can be much cheaper 

  • Gives you more control

  • Assurance you have seen all references and background checks that most care agencies do not have 

  • You have the same companion / companions consistently who you have chosen yourself

  • Improves communication between the family and the companion

  • Strengthens the commitment, on both sides, for the relationship to work

  • More flexibility on when and how you want your help delivered

  • Their loyalty is to you personally, not the agency

  • Your accommodation is part of the package so there is often less for you to pay

  • You see and interview as many companions as you like, at no extra cost

  • We offer free replacements (subject to terms and conditions)

  • As there is no agency taking a cut in their pay, your companion will probably receive more pay from you than they would from a care agency. This attracts carers with more experience and qualifications


To find out more about hours and pay read more

  • Less cost, more control - we want you all to benefit from the best possible matches
  • You choose your carers and can interview as many companions as you like
  • We offer free replacements (subject to terms)

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