Perfect match


The secret of our success is that we make the best matches by taking the time to find out more information about our companions, our hosts and their homes. 


You may have difficult decisions to make and we are here to help you choose the right care solution to give you and your family peace of mind.


Our rigorous, ‘intelligent matching’ process ensures more information and detail is gathered from both our hosts and our companions than anyone else we know. As a result, we have a much higher success rate in finding compatible, happy matches.  

Intelligent matching process:


  • We assess your needs: What type of help you need and how many hours

  • We assess your personality: to understand the type of person you want

  • We assess your task profile : so we can match your expectations of duties

  • We assess your home environment: to best match your companion’s wish list


We put processes in place to ensure you and your companion or companions, have the same expectations so misunderstandings cannot get in the way of you forming a strong bond and relationship. We then do our utmost to get you together quickly and help you to form a long and happy live/work relationship together. 


With all of this extra information, it is possible for us to make better matches in terms of personality, expectations and lifestyle.


That is why our matches are usually such happy ones.

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