About driving licenses


You can check a driving license is valid with the DVLA here:


If you have any doubts as to your companion’s standard of driving, you may want to organise a few practice lessons with a qualified driving instructor until she is used to driving your car. We also recommend you provide your companion with a copy of the Highway Code. An online copy can be printed here:


For DVLA information re foreign nationals driving in the UK read more here :


If your companion is from an EU or EEA country then she can use her licence to drive in the UK. Companions from most other countries outside the EU or EEA can drive for up to 12 months provided they have a full licence which remains valid. To carry on driving after 12 months they must have obtained a provisional British licence and passed a British driving test before the 12 months elapses. For more information visit here:


Petrol used by your companion in connection with work is paid for by the host, but most companions are expected to pay for petrol for their personal use. This needs to be discussed at the beginning of her stay.


The host is responsible for insuring the au pair to drive their car. Your companion should only agree to drive if she is satisfied that she is insured. Please show your companion evidence that she is included on your motor insurance policy before she drives.


If your companion has an accident in your car you will lose your no claims bonus so it may be worth insuring your no claims bonus.

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