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£650 is the average salary less your Employer’s Allowance of approximately £58. If you add on the cost of external cover when she is not working, it can take the cost up to £700 - £850 per week approximately, plus bills and food and our one-off introduction fee. 

If you choose to take two or three companions on a 2-3 week rotation (rota), it will cost £700 per week (approximately) paid directly to the carer plus £161 per week in administration fees, paid directly to us. Total: £861 per week (approx).

UK agency staff usually cost £900 to £3000 per week, depending on the agency. Most will not disclose reference checks or background information on their staff. 

Care homes also vary in terms of what they offer and costs. Most range from £650 - £1,500 per week.

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