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Payroll: This can all be sorted out for just £8 per week. Carer payroll specialists, www.taxingcarers.co.uk can do all your payroll, PAYE, NI, pension contributions and claim back your ‘Employers’ Allowance’ for you, which is about £58 per week. 

Contracts: We will give you a template for an offer letter and a contract and you can amend it to tailor your exact needs. There is no extra charge for this service.

Accidents: Your household insurance should cover you for any accident cover regarding anyone in your home (check with your individual insurer that it includes an employee).

Sickness cover: As an employer you are responsible for this but in practice, carers who live in the house tend not to take days off for sickness or other reasons as it is a very different dynamic to most other types of employment. The accommodation goes with the job, so if your companion is not working for you, she is not entitled to remain in the accommodation.

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