Home Help Companions are here to provide you with trusted and affordable live in companions, so you're not lonely and you can stay in your own home for longer.

Hours and pay


We differ from many other care agencies, as we do not employ our companions. They are either self-employed (on a 2-3 week rota) or you can employ one companion directly. This way you generally get much higher quality care and it’s usually much cheaper for you this way.

It is very easy and we are here to help you set everything up, 


We feel this is the best way to do things, it means that you can keep the weekly costs right down and we attract a higher calibre of applicant, as they can earn more this way than if they worked through the more conventional care agency. It also means you can maintain more control over the service you receive and can usually keep the same companion for much longer.


Every contract also includes full board and lodging. Companions must have their own bedroom and all meals provided. Employed companions must have one or two free days each week. Pay varies according to the specifications of the job, number of hours of work and your companion's qualifications and experience. As a guide:


Suggested weekly rates of pay
Please note that the salaries listed are net weekly salaries and that the gross salaries (in brackets), are approximate figures, based on a person with a standard tax code. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay tax and National Insurance contributions for their employee in addition to the gross pay. We can put you in touch with a payroll specialist who will manage all of this for you.

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