COVID-19 we provide practical help, support, and personal introductions


Your own live-in carer who self-isolates with you, in your own home. 

During the current crises, we are working hard to ensure our clients enjoy the security of knowing they have the safest environment to avoid exposure to COVID-19.


Our 1-2-1 live-in care solutions minimise your risk of exposure by removing the hazards associated with multiple carers coming in and out of your home.

Our careful recruitment process avoids the pitfalls of having unqualified or inexperienced carers, or carers who have not been properly reference checked.

·         The safest approach to self-isolation with 1-2-1 care

·         Find an exceptional, high-calibre carer who you choose and who you like

·         Covid-19 News Updates for elderly care: CLICK HERE to follow reliably sourced news

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Live in care for clients throughout the UK

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